Saturday, August 19, 2017

New web site

Hey all, seeing StarCraft Remastered is now out and more people are getting onto bnet, I'm thinking to revive the cat n mouse jungle community. I have created a new forum located here: Head over there for the latest maps.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Jungle - Build 160

I've just uploaded a new beta build of Classic Cat n Mouse Jungle. This build addresses some Mice exploit game play which affects primarily other Mice players. I've also added some mechanism to purposely delay the first unit purchase for Mice player (meaning you'll find the triggers running slower for the first purchase. Any subsequent, consecutive purchases will not be affected).

Download here.

Post on SCMapTest forum here.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Classic Cat n Mouse Jungle Unit Stat Spreadsheet

Originally I was only sharing it with t(u.ut), but figured you guys might be interested in the stats as well.

This spreadsheet contains all stats for buildings, units, upgrades, and technology researches.

Download here.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Map Test Forum and new build!

I have set up a forum primarily for map test posts. The forum is at:

In there you'll find 2 sections: Bugs, and Suggestions. Feel free to sign up and start new topics/replies.

Also, a new build of Classic Cat n Mouse Jungle can be downloaded here (build 157).

updated: July 27, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008

Classic Jungle reaches milestone 2

Milestone 1 of the new Jungle is done. The planned Milestones are listed below:

Milestone 1 = Replicate Random Jungle 2.2 with new triggers and new spells
Milestone 2 = Add in new features such as the ability to trade in units for secret/hero units

After these milestones, the map will enter Beta phase for testing and fine-tune balancing.

Download build 0113 (updated on June 26, 2008) here.

Known issues/bugs:
- Game may end with Defeat for Mice.
- Player may be dropped at game start. There has been report that players are being dropped at the beginning of the game. I'm trying to fix this but so far I don't see how my triggers would drop some (but not all) players.
- The "Unable to place unit" errors are intended and is required for the map to work, and will not be removed/fixed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

more Jungle?

Jungle has been around for quite sometime already. While more and more versions are made, the version that ppl plays the most is still 2.2. Cuz of this, I've decided to make an update to this version and branded it separately from the Random Cat n Mouse Jungle brand.

I'll call it "Classic Cat n Mouse Jungle". Everyone now expects it does randomly choosing Cat so I guess it's okay to drop the word "Random" in it.

This map will have roughly the same spells in 2.2 except a few updates + changes, but rather have a new underlying enginee that runs it. This map will run in full-hyper trigger (rather than conditional-hyper trigger I put in 2.2).

Planned changes/new features are:
- BS'ing buildings and other units now counts as BS'ing. If BS'ing too much, the game will brand a player as BS'er even the player didn't kill a Mouse.
- BS'ing now no longer gives Cat a DT
- BS punishment is different as follows:
- kill 1 probe within first minute => forcefully put into Observer Mode
- kill 1 probe after first minute => lose its own Chooser (DT) and able to get banned by 1 DT rather than 2.
- kill 2 probes => forcefully put into Observer Mode
- More accurate Anti-FEED on judging whether Cat is sitting or moving
- Yellow can also be Mouse (so having a full house with a randomized Cat) or Cat (Yellow get to choose at game start).
- Sunken's damage increases significantly
- More Sunken spawn places in case of spawn places being blocked
- More in-game prompts such as when a player dies, when SCV dies.
- Replace "Lock Mice" spell with a more lethal spell called "Haunt Mice" (similar to 5.1).
- Replace "Death God" unit with "Rigged Ball" (a Dark Archon with free Mind Control) (similar to 5.1).
- Reduce cost for "Monkey Vessel" (similar to 5.1).
- Reduce cost for "Infested Terrans"
- A more accurate Restore Minerals spell for Mice (similar to 5.1).
- New spell for Mice - Second Probe (similar to 5.1).
- Ability for Mice to transfer money to any desired player (similar to 5.1).
- Brown's Mouse Holes now move back to position if moved (similar to 5.1).

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jungle 5.1 Finalized

At last, Jungle 5.1 has been finalized. Download here.